Into The Dungeon++

Into The Dungeon++ started off as a roguelike in C. I had some free time during college so I started to code a game (Into The Dungeon) in roguelike genre that I like really much. If you haven’t heard about roguelikes I suggest to check the definition out on RogueBasin and Wikipedia. As the game grew bigger and code messier I decided to rewrite the game in C++ and I would add graphics instead of using ASCII symbols. Thus I appended “++” to the title name and Into The Dungeon++ was born.

Main Features

  • Randomized Dungeons, Enemies and Loot
  • Boss Fights
  • Animated sprites
  • Original soundtrack
  • Moral unobvious choices storyline (to be implemented)
  • Turn Based Combat
  • Permanent Death
  • Lighter than most roguelikes but still carries a great challenge to finish

General overview

When wierd and foul things begin sprouting out of a dungeon, nearby townsfolk begins to worry a lot and sends an investigation team. Unfortunately they never return and people are getting scared even more. You, a mighty adventurer decide to help clear the matter. As you move closer to the Dungeon you can feel an evil force trying to corrupt you and lure you to loot (represented by a candle and being able to see loot through Fog of War). Will you be able to balance out the search for better equipment, corruption level and the dangers within?

The game is played from a top down perspective and most of possible actions take a turn to complete. Each time you enter a dungeon level new layout is randomly generated making every playthrough unique. On certain custom made (non random generated) levels you face unique and tougher enemies which serve to progress the soon to be implemented story. Don’t expect to finish the game easily, you can easily get overwhelmed even if you have good items but good tactics and some luck can make things go your way.