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New Version: Into the Dungeon++ Beta 0.9

Another yearly update. This one will hopefully set up more regular updates (one per month) with additional content. The reason for that is, most of the work on this update was re factoring the old code and making it more data driven. Most of the game data can now be changed and added on the fly through .xml files.

Currently for this version saving and high-scores are disabled. Saving should be finished this week so expect an update with that soon.

Here is the version change log:

# Disabled features:
- At the moment highscore tracking, saving and loading the game is disabled
- Using mouse in game is also disabled
- Chain lightning may now chain on player
- Changed behaviour and skills of boss
- Boss monster may now select any of his skills and perform them in one turn
- Boss's AOE skills are reduced to single missile that deals damage in 2x2 area
- Smoother fog of war and line of sight effect
- New player animations
- Teleport animation
- Damage indicators now properly disappear in arrival order after 2 seconds
- The game is now licensed under GNU GPL
- Refactored the game engine design to be entity-system based (instead of OO)

What I’m doing next

With the last update I think I’ve included most if not all gameplay features that I wanted, therefore it is the time to begin polishing the game.

Something that kept sticking into my eyes was the fog of war, all blocky with sudden transitions. It was time to change that!

Here are the results of new and improved fog of war:



New version: Into the Dungeon++ Beta 0.7

With the website comes the new update. It has been a long time since the last update was available so as expected I bring a lot of changes. Here is the overview of main new features (full changelog is in the game folder):

  • traps
  • new menu and mouse support in menu (right click is back)
  • special properties added for items and monsters (e.g. freezing, lifesteal…)
  • decor skeletons now talk to you when you press Enter on them
  • icon added to the executable
  • various tweaks to item generation, graphics and gameplay elements
  • the game is now harder (I suggest getting those armour items)
  • tutorial (it turns itself off after some time)
  • options (where you can turn the tutorial back on)


Welcome to the site

Hello everyone!

I guess it was about the time Icey and I got the website running. You can check out the About section to learn about the game or meet the team in The Team. Ofcourse the latest stable version will be uploaded and available in Download. I will be posting updates on game develop progress and other things in News so stay tuned for new news :D