New version: Into the Dungeon++ Beta 0.7

With the website comes the new update. It has been a long time since the last update was available so as expected I bring a lot of changes. Here is the overview of main new features (full changelog is in the game folder):

  • traps
  • new menu and mouse support in menu (right click is back)
  • special properties added for items and monsters (e.g. freezing, lifesteal…)
  • decor skeletons now talk to you when you press Enter on them
  • icon added to the executable
  • various tweaks to item generation, graphics and gameplay elements
  • the game is now harder (I suggest getting those armour items)
  • tutorial (it turns itself off after some time)
  • options (where you can turn the tutorial back on)


2 thoughts on “New version: Into the Dungeon++ Beta 0.7

  1. I must say that the new version is not what I expected. This game was enough random without traps but now it’s just all about luck. You can be the best player in the world but still fail due to traps damage or bad item placeout. Early levels are especially hard because stepping on a trap will take about 1/5 of your life and you can do nothing about it. Please don’t try to defend yourself saying that all roguelikes are just as much random. In a good roguelike, item placement can make things easier or harder but not impossible! In ITD++ you can safely quit the game if you didn’t found some potions or lifestealing weapon in your early levels. Here’s what I think should be changed:
    - add a possibility of avoiding or detecting traps, if not, remove them completely
    because they are just a cheap way of killing your character
    - you should start the game with AT LEAST one potion (and maybe a scroll) to help survive the early levels despite of item placement
    - the main character should slowly regenerate health, it will add more depth to the gameplay, you will have the option to sacrifice precious time for some hp regen (because sometimes you’re nearly dead and still have about half of the candle and you’re fucked if you have no potions), it’s also important to make hp regen % based to make it an option on higher exp levels
    I would really like to see this game going on more skill dependant route instead of more random Russian roulette…
    Well, thats everything I can think about for now. Oh, the new site is looking really great, hope for more updates soon :)

  2. Hi. Thanks for leaving useful feedback here. You aren’t the first to mention the exact same problems.
    I am planning to make the trap system more elaborate (I don’t want to tell how, I’ll surprise you) and will probably make the game spawn a minimum of potions on a level.