The Team

Studio 7

When I began making a game in my free time I never expected it to attract people to help me. My first project started in March 2011 and soon after, I looked for a pixel artist because my art wasn’t good at all. Surprisingly I got a help offer rather quickly and not only that but a friend from college got really intrigued by the game and wanted to liven it up with sound!

So this is us:

  • Pixel Art – Psiweapon
  • Coding & Design – Teon ’7h30n’ Banek (hey, that’s me who is writing this :D )
  • Music and Sound – Luka ‘Foox’ Fućek

Currently we are making Into the Dungeon++ in our free time with many more ideas to come. Hope you like our work! Don’t forget to spread the word and perhaps donate a coin or two.